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Pre-fabricated buildings

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Basic issues

What is a pre-fabricated building with the use of sandwich panels? Should we build pre-fabricated buildings from sandwich panels or be constant in our using of habitual brickwork? Is a pre-fabricated building a real estate item and which is its working life? These are the basic issues of the uninformed customers visiting our company.


Storage or industrial buildings from sandwich panels are pre-fabricated buildings which if necessary and depending on the building frame can be demounted and transported to another place where you can build up a new facility.


Construction of pre-fabricated buildings allows you to save money on the construction rate of the facility, payment of construction works, control over construction progress, the watery mortars costs and delivering of numerous tracks with sand, cement trucks, concrete mixers. Deciding on pre-fabricated buildings you can dispose of dirt and material debris at your construction site. The eternal question about sand-cement ratio in watery mortar and endless ordering of white ashlar limestones (fortan), tons of cement and tracks with sand will become a utility waste.


In addition to economic properties and construction rate pre-fabricated buildings from sandwich panels allow us to preserve the heat (as they have low thermal conductivity) and to reduce the noise level. There are also fire-resistant sandwich panels made of mineral wool.


In everyday life we can increasingly see buildings from sandwich panels. No wonder if they soon will take leading positions among all modern buildings used for storage and production of goods. Judge for yourself: the customer of pre-fabricated building from sandwich panels, benefits from the construction time frame, ease of construction, building lightness, low price as well as building visual appeal.


Where to use pre-fabricated buildings?


Pre-fabricated buildings are being built in city and in the country. Of sandwich panels can be constructed warehouses, workshops, retail facilities, exhibition pavilions, service stations and even kiosks.


Can we work comfortably and safely in a building from sandwich panels in winter? If to fit a building of sandwich panels with heating and water system then you can stay and work there safely and comfortably in the coldest weather. Heat-saving wall panels provide a good insulation. The roofing system with thickness 80 mm can withstand up to 75 kg of snow per 1 square meter. Read also the comparison of different materials with the same thermal conductivity through thickness.


So, how to build pre-fabricated buildings?


During the construction of such buildings initially should be prepared the ground then is made the foundation and after that is raised a metal or concrete frame.



Building land


Carefully designed lightweight frames allow us to construct your building in the shortest possible time. You can take part in designing of your building. Lightweight frames are a constructor. During buildings construction based on light frame you don’t need to conduct expensive earthworks making a heavy foundation. The lightweight frame can be mounted on light point foundations sometimes just on a concrete pad. The elements weight of our structures is significantly lower than that of traditional high-duty structures.


You can familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of frames construction in the relevant articles of our website: Steel frameworks and reinforced concrete frameworks.



 Structures frameworks from steel and reinforced concrete


Walling and roofing structures are made from sandwich panels of different thickness and colors. The construction process of walling and roofing in contrast to traditional methods is partially transferred to the factory where these panels are manufactured and cut under the needed dimensions for specific building. This allows us to reduce as much as possible the waste during construction.



 Sandwich panel erection


The next stage is installation that is mounting of the panels. Such an installation can do only professionals. These professionals are the two specially-trained crews of “Promstroi-Grup” installers. Only specially trained workers under the guidance of our experienced foremen can comply with all construction regulations. Only our specialists are able to erect not less than 200 square meters of walling structures from sandwich panels per shift.


When is better to build?


The view about impossibility of construction works in winter is wrong. There are technologies that allow us to build pre-fabricated buildings with equal ease both in summer and winter. These technologies increase insignificantly the cost of the works but this is offset by the fact that in winter “Promstroi-Grup” is less loaded with construction works and we are pleased to offer discounts to our customers.


All difficulties of construction in winter reduce themselves to make a high-quality foundation. Foundation of reinforced concrete should have time to gain strength before the water from the concrete mix will turn into ice. .


Otherwise the foundation won’t be strong enough and may begin to segregate after some time. “Promstroi-Grup” has its own method of solving this problem. Using this method we successfully erect buildings in winter and this is not for the first year


Construction final stage of the railroad warehouse on the Uzinelor Street.

 January 2010.

 Temperature - 20 Cº.


Although anti-frost additives increase the cost of concrete, our company willingly meets the needs of our clients and do the winter concrete works without appreciation. Once the foundation is made there are no obstacles to install the framework. Presently, pre-fabricated metal buildings can be built practically at any outdoor air temperature from +40 to -20C º.

What facilities does “Promstroi-Grup” build using pre-fabricated buildings technology?

 We can build any object applying the technology of prefabricated buildings:

  • Warehouses
  • Industrial building
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Hangars
  • Trading halls and shops
  • Exhibition pavilions
  • Office buildings
  • Stations of cars service maintenance
  • Car washes
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Houses of Corn, vegetables and fruits,
  • Modern farms and cow sheds
  • Bars, cafes and restaurants
  • Sport buildings
  • Car-parks
  • Parking facilities
  • Kiosks and stalls
  • Country houses
  • Fronts, additional buildings, mansard, warm roofs
  • Domestic building


Station of cars service maintenance

                   Warehouse                        Warehouse


This building will be inexpensively than the lease of a building for a period of 5 years or than the traditional construction of permanent buildings with foundation pit, concrete and white ashlar limestone, etc.


Is worth to think about such a construction payback! If entrepreneurs have land they can quickly organize any production, car service center, refrigerated storeroom or a usual warehouse. The rest of work is in the hands of “Promstroi-Grup” specialists! We can design individually for the customer any industrial facility also offering our standard projects. We also can help you to get authorization documents. After obtaining the construction authorization,  it will take you 3-4 months to organize your business in the new building!