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Our team

As is known, a successful development of any company is impossible without competent governance. Employees of the "Promstroi-Grup" agreed by common consent that for their development they are fully obliged to people who stand "at the helm" of this major construction company. 


“Promstroi-Grup” Chairman of the Board – Serghei  A. Capralov


Serghei Capralov has been the Chairman of the Board since 2004. He is not only a highly qualified prefossional in the field of management and he is also respected for his purposefulness, strength of character, sociability, friendliness and responsibility for his work.







"Promstroi-Grup" General Director - Serghei V. Sanalatii

Serghei V. Sanalatii is one of the youngest and progressive leaders in the market of construction and real estate. In 11 years of management he has led the company to a dominant market position. His numerous achievements are exemplified by the formation of long-term relations with the partners, the creation of a well-consolidated team, the development of new directions in business and introduction of modern technologies in construction.

 Victoria Miron

Chief accountant

Natalia Cobzac


Svetlana Romanova


Radu Tsurcan


Cristina Cotovitskaia 

Office manager


Liudmila Ternovatskaia

Safety and health engineer


 Maria Covalischi


Victoria Ostapciuc



           Andrei Burka

         Sale manager       




 Nikita Bardov

Head of deparment

 Radu Rusnac


Ecaterina Belaia    Architect

Angela Orescu


Ivan Malai

Construction ingineer

Roman Marlianu

Construction in ingineer

Artem Ter

Construction ingineer


Ivan Moroi

Construction director

Victor Saveliev

Construction manager

Igori Percik

Construction manager

Andrei Patranica

Construction manager

Vasilii Ababii


Evghenii Piscorskii


Alexandr Stratila


Petr Lashco



Dmitrii Severin

Cost engineer

Mihail Buruiana

Tehnical supervisor

Anna Dzeni

Head of quality control departmet 

Sviatoslav Britan

Quality control manager

Simion Eremeev
Head  of construction machinery department

Dmitrii Gaviuc

Auto mechanic

         Natalia Stinca
Head of department

Oliga Egorova

Real estate manager 

 Vasilii Ungurianu

 Head of maintenance department

Zinaida Vilcu

Building-service supervisor


Oleg Boico

Head of department of enetgy



Corporate events
Corporate events are a separate bright page in our chronicles.
From the beginning of our company’s development we have been raising the call of duty and responsibility in our employees for the prosperity of the company. We work and rest together like a friendly team.
“Promstroi-Grup” is attentive to each employee by giving them warm wishes and gifts on their birthday. The women of our company are unusually charming and attractive at any time, especially on the International Women’s Day (March 8) but the men are surrounded by a special affection and attention on Fatherland Defender's Day (February 23).
Certainly, our favorite feast is on 1st August because this is the “Promstroi-Grup” birthday, which coincides with the Builder’s Day. We celebrate it each year with sports games and competitions.
The most long-awaited and bright holiday is the New Year’s Day. The solemn celebration begins with a crystal clink of champagne glasses, summing up the outgoing year and mutual good wishes for the New Year. All this shows the solidarity of the people united by common interests.