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About company


"Promstroi-grup" S.A. - A diversified construction company, with well-developed infrastructure, necessary for the quality of the construction works of the complex: the stage of project documentation, to commissioning.

Main activities of our company - is the commercial and industrial construction. We offer convenient and advantageous variants of cooperation!


Our 20-year history

For over 20 years we build and develop our culture, people and technology. We invite you to stroll along the paths of our history!





"Promstroi-grup" acts as a construction company. The main force for the reconstruction and development of the industrial base.

August 1 there was the first "cultural" tradition - the celebration of the birth of the company. Several years later, the tradition has been enriched and this holiday has become topical.





- 2000 -

Start a regular evaluation of personnel in the company. Systematic in this process - an indicator of our seriousness. Also, at the end of the year on every New Year's corporate parties are awarded the best!


We are one of the first began to import sandwich panels.

Construction of this material started to gain momentum.

The technology, competitive price and fast construction of the line - all contributed to the successful growth and development of the whole direction in building - prefabricated buildings.

A new tradition now annual - spring companywide barbecue!




 - 2008


We are improving - we can now produce at industrial facilities, industrial floors Dust.

- 2009 -

First Premium staff travel to Bulgaria of the evaluation.


Design department appears in the company's organizational structure. Architects and engineers give the new format a service of industrial and residential construction, offering a ready-made model projects.


- 2011 -

"Give me five " - an effective system of incentives Promstroi-grup. Every employee who has worked for five years in the company , gets a good cash prize and a certificate of merit .


2012 -

Corporate events can be extraordinary. For example, a trip to the whole team in Odessa on "Humorina" April 1st.)

In each department there is always a chance to become the best! As a result of evaluating the performance of departments, better get a certificate for a campaign in the bowling club.



2013 -

We have gathered football

and basketball teams. Starting this year, everyone is certainly accepted

in the first team.


In order to reduce metal consumption, and accelerate the construction of industrial buildings in Moldova Promstroi-Grup starts using corrugated beams. Gofrobalki permit to build a building without any width of columns in the middle.

- 2014 -

Created internal corporate training system. We teach the invited experts. Education is divided into two blocks: the adaptation of "newcomers" and the development of employees with experience.




The first building of LSTC


We began to grow rapidly. In order not to erode the basic values, which were laid in the company

from the outset, and engage new staff in our shared values, we decided to create its own corporate code.


- 2016


We built and opened the WineHotel

One direction in our business has become more.

- 2017

Year of rallying of our team through active rest: walking tour from Kondritsky Monastery to Capriana, biking around the forests of Straseni district, participation in marathons



We purchased the company from the energy sector - Energoreparați SRL.

Now, besides the construction works, we also offer specialized works. Such as heating, ventilation and water supply systems.

The trips to various wineries from Moldova have become traditional for the Promstroi team: Asconi. Cojusna, Purcari. The end of 2018 and the meeting of 2019 took place at Asconi Winery.



Opening and developing the production sector of a precast concrete.


This year was marked by the team renewal and consolidation. The focus was on the search for professionals in various engineering positions.

Striving to be among the first directs the company to discover and introduce new technologies in construction. Such technologies that, while maintaining quality, reduce the time and cost of the project. Sport is always present in the life of Promstroi-grup. This year we got to know the wakeboard and the sapboard. -2021




The priority task of the company - ensuring long-term competitiveness. That is why the company's development strategy a considerable place is given to compliance with performance standards, guarantees and commitments, of course, the level of corporate responsibility.



We understand the importance of effective work for the prosperity of the company. We spend a lot of effort for timely mistakes, reduce costs, and also for the wise use of human resources. Therefore, we manage to offer our customers and partners to mutually beneficial working conditions.



The company aims to constantly update and upgrade. Ready to invest in staff training and development of new technologies.


Our goal

To develop the business of our customers by building them for modern high-quality commercial and industrial facilities.

- is a continuation of the story!