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To enjoy the work – this is the main principle of the personnel development in the “Promstroi-Grup”. Only by providing people with work enjoyment, the strategic goal of being a company, where people wish to work, can be achieved.

The company appreciates our employees’ responsible approach to work, willingness and ability to independent activity, result orientation, aspiration for perfection.


The company seeks to establish with each employee long-term employment relationships. Their base is the respect for mutual interests.


Thus, let’s look upon the main advantages of working in “Promstroi-Grup”:

 Interesting and successful work

 The company is constantly growing, developing and establishing in the markets, giving free scope to initiative, innovation and implementation of the boldest ideas. In “Promstroi-Grup” everyone will get interesting work in a team of like-minded people. We offer the opportunity to solve many complex tasks to get satisfaction from their solving. We are interested in the success of our employees because their success is the company's success.

 Training and development

The system of personnel development is established to provide for all employees the opportunity to get additional professional skills in a rapidly changing business environment by means of participation in trainings, seminars, internships and by getting supplementary education.




 Career development

Each employee has the right to pretend to a higher position and the company is ready to help him/her in this matter.

 Travelling allowance

Trips to solve problems outside the company are fully paid

 The wage

In the remuneration system of “Promstroi-Grup” is laid the evaluation of all positions on universal criteria: skill, complexity of work, quantity and quality of work. The wages directly depends on the results of their work.

 Health and social insurance

 “Promstroi-Grup” provides mandatory health and social insurance in full.



 Payment of mobile phone conversations

The mobile phone conversations of each employee are paid. Each employee is connected to the internal corporate network of “Promstroi-Grup” and everyone receives so many minutes as he/she needs for solving work-related matters and for daily life.


The main principle of giving leaves in “Promstroi-Grup” is that leaves should be used but not accumulated. A leave is not a way to earn on dismissal but a way to have a good rest because without the rest a normal working can’t be. Also, if necessary, the employee can get an unpaid leave.

 Food payment

Each employee of “Promstroi-Grup” is provided with a free lunch!


  Corporate, cultural, active measures and entertainments

The company constantly carries out corporate parties, creative contests, visits to the country and joint outside activities.




Our corporate culture is formed by the development of both formal and informal relations between employees.



We arrange team-building, take active part in sporting competitions in bowling, we carry out voluntary Saturday work to maintain cleanness on the territory of our warehouse center, we annually celebrate the Builder's Day and of course, we don’t forget to celebrate such corporate events as the New Year’s Day, Fatherland Defender's Day (February 23), International Women’s Day (March 8) and the birthdays of our employees.




Young professionals

Should they embark upon a career straight from the college or after graduation?

This is possible with “Promstroi-Grup” company!


One of our priorities is that we employ inexperienced but motivated, intelligent, diligent and responsible young professionals. Attention students and graduates! We hire young people for job. We educate and teach.


 In our company manager trainees, real estate valuation trainees and legal interns are often working. Each of them has high chances to become quickly a full-fledged employee of our company.



Corporate culture

Corporate culture - is the foundation of any business. So tell all, and almost all this culture is. Just what is culture? Controlled or stray, destructive, fired to chance? We invest in the development and maintenance of our corporate culture and are glad that we have it, one - the general and compulsory for all. Its base - corporate code. (A reference to the Code)


We have an average of 31 Year - a happy medium. Professional flourishing.

We are no longer yesterday's students, but also does not elders. We are active and offer new ideas that are not afraid to embody themselves. We are really pleased to take on more and more responsibility.

Only in this way it turns out to move forward quickly.



We never chased bulky structures, which each have their own assistant secretary. Among a total of three vertical levels: Executive - Manager - Director. But horizontal levels - do not count. We are growing not post, and competencies. And believe me, we pay much higher competence than formal positions. Best of all about the horizontal- vertical growth can tell our former lawyer and now CEO.



Our assessment of the planned 9 years. Even developed a whole culture. We estimate - a comparison of employees not to " spherical ideal" but with their own colleagues.

Based on the results we get ranking employees. There is no error, because we're doing it longer than anyone else.