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Residential construction








Dear visitor!

Promstroi-Grup offers you a service for physical persons:

planning and construction the dwelling single-family houses under the trademark Dream House.

By the project Dream House our customers receive services:

-        Obtaining the permissive documents

-        Private house designing

-        Building house: «Box» / «Facade»/ «On a turnkey basis»

At the construction order of your house in Promstroi-Grup, we will provide you services for design (around the city – 5-10 euro 1 sq.m.) and obtaining all the documents (around the city – about 500 euros) free of charge!

What do we build?

Dream House Classic– it is the house for those who doesn’t pursue houses from easy structures, and trusts stone houses, building for many years!

Dream House Classic – is the house, erected on the basis of traditional frame and stone system with wall filling from traditional materials, with application on the bases and a framework of high-quality concrete, with a roof from a bitumen tile, with the best windows with a four chamber profile.


Dream House Modern– is the house for modern people. The fashionable and graceful construct, at the same time, is quite practical. It is erected in the frame and stone way, with application of a front glazing, tinted glass and partially composite panels.


Dream House Provence– it is the house for admirers of the cozy, summer atmosphere. The warmth and a comfort – are the main principles of architecture of such house. At the same time it is constructed with application of frame technology, with filling of walls from foam concrete blocks.

Dream House Express– this is our answer inquiries of energetic people who doesn't wish to build for a long time and kittle, expenses aspiring to reduction including on habitation.

Dream House  Express – is the house constructed from LSTS (light steelthin-walledstructures)with installation of walls from SIP-panels or OSB-plates with internal warming from polyurethane foam blocks and external warming from polystyrene foam. For country houses sandwich-panels can serve as wall and roof filling.



Our advantages

Our new customers often interested in why they have to choose the Dream House only. We have decided to create not a great overview of the main our advantages:


1.       Promstroi-Grup – is the company with a wide experience in construction and design. We designed and constructed tens of thousands of square meters of nonresidential buildings. We are sure for 100 % in our potential to become the leader in the market of construction of individual houses. We are sure for 100 % in the maximum satisfaction by the new house of each customer.

 2.       Promstroi-Grup – is the holder of the license for design and construction. We work officially and we bear full legal liability towards the customer.

 3.       We offer the comprehensive service:design + obtaining documents + construction, including and «on a turnkey basis». In fact, such an offer is unique in the market.

 4.       Our projects pass all endorsement and an independent appraisal. We keep the works register, during the construction. All stages, including hidden works, the certified engineering supervision and government inspector in construction check.

 5.       In Promstroi-Grup work certified designers, foremen, labourers. Many departments and people will be engaged in the facility’s customer: design department, obtaining allowing documentation department, construction department, machinery department, support department. Especially it should be noted the working within Promstroi-Grup and the quality control department.

 6.       The group of our companies includes the producer and the importer of construction materials – "Mac-Stro" LLC. We don't buy construction materials from intermediary firms. It allows to form the favorable final prices for the construction houses.

 7.       Promstroi-Grup uses own transport and machinery only in the construction works, we don’t rent. It also allows to reduce the cost of the construction the house.

 8.       The result of the above-stated rational decisions are fine options and the closed contract prices.

 9.      The principle «closed price» - this is too an advantage, as the customer is quiet that during the construction it won't change, and that all resources are absolutely included.

 10.    We provide guarantees and warranty periods till 50 years on a constructive part of the house and from 5 to 10 years on bearing form factors (windows, doors, floors etc.).