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About the company

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Welcome to the official website of the company "PROMSTROI-GRUP".
"PROMSTROI-GRUP" unifies all directions of industrial construction and real estate. “PROMSTROI-GRUP” deals with the full dynamics of customer service in the market of industrial construction and real estate.
“PROMSTROI-GRUP” is a professional designer and developer and we can find for you a site or a structure and help you to develop, design and build. We are a subcontracting organization that is able to manage the project, build and hand over the facility to our Customer “turnkey”. In addition, we deal with designing and building not only new facilities, but also renovating old structures.
A modern and interesting trend in the real estate market is the use of pre-fabricated buildings. We apply the construction method of building frameworks on light foundations. We use the method of sandwich panels for infilling walls and roofs. “PROMSTROI-GRUP” really builds industrial buildings very quickly.
In addition, we build using the sandwich panels, we also sell the sandwich panels and provide services for the installation of sandwich panels.   “PROMSTROI-GRUP” is also a representative and a reseller of the Italian-Romanian group of companies “Isopan,” one of the leading manufacturers of sandwich panels. The customer will not only get a discount, but also consulting on installation, and cutting of panels specifically for its building.            
Additional services in the field of construction are: the hiring     of   construction machinery   and the services of our construction laboratory accredited in the area of testing of almost any building materials.

In addition to the construction area "PROMSTROI-GRUP" provides a full range of the real estate services: rental of property real estate, development real estate,             real estate and legal   services     property valuation of any real estate or any permanent assets, consulting in real estate.   
More details of all of those services and the ordering procedure in "PROMSTROI-GRUP" you can find in the appropriate sections of our website.